What’s the Secret to a Successful Relationship? Be Kind!

The founder of Imago Relationship Therapy, Hervelle Hendrix, has come up with a recipe for an everlasting relationship – Be KIND!

Practice these four skills to develop strength, connection and lasting love in your relationship:

Know that your partner is not you! Accept & embrace the differences. Be an advocate for your partner’s separate reality and potential.

Increase your appreciation of your partner! Practice expressing daily appreciations to your partner that are recent, specific, genuine, and clean. And take it a step further by letting them know why what they did is so meaningful to you.

No negativity! Make your relationship a sacred space by removing all negativity. You can be angry without being mean. Remove all criticism, shaming, blaming, and put down’s.

Dialogue always! Practice the Imago dialogue until it becomes the natural way you manage conflict and connect.

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