Tip – Appreciate Your Partner Once a Day
appreciate your partner

Give your partner one appreciation every day. It can be a quality that you love or something your partner has done recently. It is so important to give and receive appreciations, to be looking for things to appreciate and to be acknowledged for something wonderful you have done.

Sometimes, we fail to acknowledge what our partners are doing that is contributing to the betterment of the relationship. We easily focus on the problems and what our partners are not doing, which adds more attention to the negative, rather than increasing the positivity in the relationship. You want to reinforce what is working, not what is not working.

***IMPORTANT TIP!*** Appreciations needs to be recent, clean, and genuine. Appreciations should feel connecting and positive. If a topic is triggering, stay away from it, and don’t say you appreciate something because they usually don’t do it.

It should look something like this:

“I appreciated that you make me coffee every morning, and you did it today even though you have a big presentation this morning.”
“It helps me to feel more like a priority to you and loved by you.”
“Thank you.”

So, today, appreciate your partner, explain why it is so meaningful to you, and what your partner is giving you by doing this. Make this dynamic a part of your daily routine going forward – it takes 10 minutes max, so there are no excuses!

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