Three Little Things to Help You Not Take Each Other for Granted

Here are 3 fabulous relationship tips to try at home with your partner, written by Rock Solid Relationship Solutions

If you’ve experienced the feeling of being invisible to your partner, you’re not the only one.

Early on, you likely spent time focusing on, strengthening, building, and supporting the growth of your relationship. But then that foundation was solidified as a marriage. And you turned to other things. Your career, the children, even self-care.

Life can be a lot to juggle. But when we don’t prioritize our commitment to one another, we begin to feel like our hard work goes unnoticed. Or worse, that it’s taken for granted.

How do you stop this? Believe it or not, this relationship advice just takes about 12 minutes each day.

One Minute to Greet Your Partner Like the Best Friend They Are

When you haven’t seen a good friend in a long time, what’s the first thing you do? Pull them in tight for a bear hug.

Why wouldn’t you do the same for your partner?

Mark my words, a genuine 60-second greeting when you see each other at the end of the day – without exception – will set the right tone for the rest of each evening.

BONUS: Did you know even a 20-second embrace can increase levels of the love hormone oxytocin, decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and reduce your blood pressure instantly?

Two Minutes to Show Your Gratitude

How? Pay attention to things they say or do that make you feel loved or appreciated. Or character traits that you really admire of theirs. When you feel that moment of appreciation, recognize it immediately. Walk over and tell them. Or text. Or call. Just do it.

BONUS: Research shows that gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with a greater ability to relish positive experiences and manage adversity in one’s life.

The Ten-Minute High… and Low

You’ve probably heard before that when you tell someone your problems, they don’t seem so insurmountable anymore. Well, psychological studies show that sharing your joy seems to intensify those experiences as well.

So, do it!

Even if your life is hectic, find 10 minutes to check in with one another each day. Make sure you’re undistracted. No kids, no pets, no screens, no food, no anything. Pillow talk just before you turn out the lights is a great option.

Offer up two high points and two low ones from your day. And when it’s your turn to listen – really listen.

Yes, these three things ask you to make the first move. And it’s easy to say, “But I’m the one feeling invisible here.” But remember, this isn’t about winning or being right. It’s about improving your relationship.

Who cares who gets the ball rolling? Because when it does, both of you will benefit.

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