Show Your Partner You Care Every Day

When we are in a longterm relationship, sometimes, we stop putting as much effort into our relationship as we did in the beginning. Life’s distractions, like work, kids, and the gym, get prioritized over time with your partner. Your relationship becomes a garden that needs some weeding, or for some of us, needs some serious landscaping.

Make a commitment with your partner to engage in daily caring behaviours for each other. Take some time to write down:
1. What your partner did for you when you first got together that made you feel loved and cared for
2. What your partner does now that makes you feel loved and cared for
3. What you know you would love for your partner to do for you, however, you haven’t ever told them!

Then, share your lists with each other. Post these lists on the refrigerator, and start doing them.
What you partner likes may be different from you. The thing is, there are different love languages (5 in fact) and not everyone speaks the same one! So, what you desire may be different from your partner. It is important to be aware of this, embrace it, and put energy into doing something meaningful for your partner, even if it is not your cup of tea.

You can find out each other’s love languages by taking the quiz on my resource page.

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