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I provide counselling to all communities in Greater Vancouver including Surrey, White Rock, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, and Maple Ridge.

I work with individuals, couples, families, & parents


Self- regulation:

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stress, anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, feeling out of control, and difficulty being present


Conflict Management & Effective Communication


Marriage & Family Relationships


Connection & Intimacy


Major Life Changes:

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divorce, marriage, a new job, or a new baby



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conflict with your children, discipline issues, disconnection


Personal Growth:

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self-awareness, self-acceptance, confidence, and authenticity

Parenting Workshops

Connected Parents, Thriving Kids: Imago Parenting

Connected Parents, Thriving Kids: Imago Parenting

The experience of being a parent can be your greatest joy AND can also be the most difficult, humbling, and defeating job you will ever have. Parenting is especially hard during a pandemic! During this challenging time, Grace wants to provide parents with the education and tools to feel more confident and connected at home. My hope is to help as many families as I can, preventing suffering and separation and addressing issues before they get too big.

Imago Parenting supports parents as being partners in the most powerful and fundamental process of their child’s brain development, and have the potential to influence their child’s formative years in ways that will then positively impact their future. Imago Parenting offers the opportunity for parents to:

  • deepen the connection with your children
  • deepen the understanding of your own childhood and make sense of how that influences you as a parent now
  • empower your children
  • know how to communicate, listen, and set limits
  • experience personal growth as a parent
  • be more informed, more equipped, and less reactive

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Couples Counselling

Helping couples to connect, communicate, and validate, so you can get the love you want

Reasons For Couples Therapy

Marriage Preparation - Start Right, Stay Connected
While most marriage preparation focuses on planning the wedding and honeymoon, there is far more important work to be done to build a foundation for a happy, healthy marriage that will last a lifetime. Grace deepens couple’s understanding of themselves and one another by:

  • Developing a shared Relationship Vision
  • Teaching and practicing communication tools
  • Discussing important topics prior to getting married
  • Increasing empathy, safety, and connection
Shacking Up - Making your new living environment work
Moving in together often changes the nature of a relationship dramatically. If you have just decided to move in together, Grace will provide you with the tools you need to prevent some of the common challenges. If have already combined households and are dealing with challenges, Grace will support you to work through them and provide tools to continue to navigate any issues that come up in the future. Couples will:

  • Develop a shared Relationship Vision
  • Learn Communication Tools
  • Discuss important topics prior to moving in together
  • Increase empathy, safety, and connection
Relationship Enhancement - Getting the Love you Want
Whether you have been with your spouse for a short time or a lifetime or are in a relationship that is troubled or terrific, Grace will provide you with the tools, skills and support you need to heal old wounds, deepen connection, and experience greater fulfillment as a couple. Couples will:

  • Develop a shared Relationship Vision
  • Improve communication
  • Manage and work through conflict to experience growth and healing
  • Talk about avoided issues & feel safe to be vulnerable
  • Maintain a conscious relationship and be more connected than ever!
Relationship Crisis - Affairs, Addiction, Pervasive Emotional Issues
Grace has specialized training to support couples dealing with serious crises such as affairs, substance abuse, and/or serious mental health issues such as major depression.
Relationship Tune-up
Grace provides counselling for couples who have previously attended couples therapy, but are experiencing minor specific issues that are in need of facilitation and guidance.

About Couples Therapy

Grace is a certified advanced imago clinician and primarily uses Imago Relationship Therapy with couples. She teaches the intentional dialogue, which enhances connection & intimacy, facilitates effective communication, and helps couples work through issues.
The dialogue is very structured, which helps keep the counselling experience emotionally safe. Grace’s role is to keep couples regulated vs. reactive and interrupt negativity.

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Individual Counselling

Helping people to grow, with intention, and potentialize

Reasons For Individual Counselling


Relationship Issues:

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helping you look at how you show up in a relationship, and growing yourself so you can keep the love you find


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experiencing frequent stress, anxiety, and/or depression, which can look like feeling stuck, unable to experience joy, and/or negative thinking


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not feeling in control of your emotions, and difficulty being present

Major Life Changes:

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Challenges dealing with and adjusting to a major life change, such as illness, death of a loved one, divorce, or a new job

Parenting Support:

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Conflict with your children, discipline issues, disconnection, or a lack of confidence in your abilities as a parent

Personal Growth:

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A desire for greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, Confidence, and authenticity

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About Individual Counselling

Counselling focuses on personal growth and provides tools for self-regulation. Grace helps people to find greater joy in their life, particularly when not in an intimate relationship. People work towards growing themselves into feeling whole and ready for a healthy, loving relationship. Counselling also helps people feel a sense of control over their present moment experience and more confident to handle life, using Sensorimotorpsychotherapy tools and techniques. Goals include:

  • Developing a strong sense of self
  • Identifying triggers, blocks, and defences
  • Understanding needs and knowing how to meet them
  • Say goodbye to relationship patterns that are no longer working for you
  • Feeling more connected
  • Be intentional vs. reactive
  • Strengthening the ability to calm down and stay present

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Grace McDonald

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A Tribute to Anne Walsh

Anne is a local talented artist who lives in Crescent Beach, and her paintings capture the beauty of our community. I’m honored to have her work on my website, to illustrate the importance of taking care of your family.

Grace's portrait shots by Erin Ocampo

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