Put your oxygen mask on first, then help those around you…

Helping others understand that valuing themselves and prioritizing their mental health is the best way to achieve success is extremely important. It is not being selfish when you put your health and your needs first. When you are healthy, you can be more helpful to those around you. An example I often use with new mothers is to tell them how important self-care is for them and their baby. Mothers are no good to a newborn if they aren’t healthy or are overtired and cranky. The same applies to everyday life. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression you are not giving your best. This can affect your relationships, family, and work. Taking time to care for yourself, and understand that you are worth the investment in your own health, will ultimately assist you in improving your overall performance.

Genuinely understanding that you are worth so much to those around you, and that prioritizing your own health is not being selfish but in fact will lead to improved performance in your daily life often is the key to initiating those well-developed strategies. When you realize what you should be doing to alleviate your symptoms, the extra boost you need to get started may come from understanding your self-worth and how important its role in your overall mental health can be.


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