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Connected Parents, Thriving Kids: Imago Parenting

Strengthening the parent-child connection

The experience of being a parent can be your greatest joy AND can also be the most difficult, humbling, and defeating job you will ever have. Grace wants to provide parents with the education and tools to feel more confident and connected at home. My hope is to help as many families as I can, preventing suffering and separation and addressing issues before they get too big.

Imago Parenting supports parents as being partners in the most powerful and fundamental process of their child’s brain development, and has the potential to influence their child’s formative years in ways that will then positively impact their future.

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Imago Parenting offers the opportunity for parents to:
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    Deepen the parent-child connection

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    Make sense of your own childhood experience and how that currently impacts you as a parent

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    Empower your children

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    Know how to communicate, listen, and set limits

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    Experience personal growth as a parent

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    Be more informed, more equipped, and less reactive

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As a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist I want to support families, couples, and individuals in my South Surrey community. I am passionate about helping people to more positively perceive themselves, their lives, and their relationships. In particular, I provide tools in dealing with communication conflict management, and self-regulation.

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