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Individual Counselling

Helping people to grow themselves, so they can embrace who they are.

About individual counselling

Embracing all parts of yourself.

Individual counselling helps people build a greater capacity to tolerate what life throws at you, using Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Polyvagal Theory tools and techniques. Clients work on increasing self-compassion, awareness, and tools for self-regulation. Grace helps people to experience greater joy, purpose and connection, and work towards growing themselves into their full potential.

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Individual counselling goals include:
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    Developing a strong sense of self

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    Identifying triggers, blocks, and defenses

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    Understanding needs and knowing how to meet them

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    Strengthening the ability to stay grounded

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    Having healthy and loving relationships

Reasons for individual counselling:
Relationship Issues
Mood & Self-Regulation
Major Life Changes
Personal Growth

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As a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist I want to support families, couples, and individuals in my South Surrey community. I am passionate about helping people to more positively perceive themselves, their lives, and their relationships. In particular, I provide tools in dealing with communication conflict management, and self-regulation.

First Steps

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