Have a regular date night

As time goes by in a relationship, and life keeps getting busier, it  becomes more difficult to prioritize your relationship. Work is pretty important, as it pays for everything. Kids take precedent over everything because you love them and they depend on you. You have other things in your life like tennis, running, and having fun with friends, that are much needed, and at the same time, can be reasons that you don’t have time for your partner. You can always go on a date next week.

The amount of energy you put into anything correlates with its ability to thrive. If you go to the gym once a month, yes it’s better than not going at all, but you won’t change your body. If you effectively market your business, it can lead success. This would involve time, energy, trying new things, learning from your mistakes, taking risks, perseverance, and getting help. Wouldn’t it make sense that a relationship would require the same things? If you put the same amount of time into your business, as you currently do with your partner, how would your business be doing? How much time are you putting into your partner, and how much time should you be?

Schedule a regular date night once a week. You can switch off deciding where and what you are doing. It doesn’t have to be expensive – sometimes the more creative it is, the more fun you have. Date night is a time to check in with little distractions. It’s a time to connect and enjoy each other.

Gentle reminder, date night is not a time to bring up issues. See my blog post entitled, “it’s all about good timing.”

So, grab your phone, schedule a date, invite your partner, and hit “repeat weekly” “ends never”. You both need it. Your kids need it too because when you are doing better, you are more available to your kids. Role model what a healthy, loving relationship looks like and start with them understanding the imperativeness of date night.

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