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Repairing the rupture of an affair

7 Steps to Healing Broken Trust By LINDA & CHARLIE BLOOM   Betrayal: It’s Not Just About Infidelity Few people would argue with the idea that honesty is the best policy. Policies however are not always adhered to, even those that we believe in and support. Regardless of how much we may desire to live a life of integrity in which we “walk the talk” and live in accordance with our inner principles, it’s likely that there will be times that we miss the mark. Nobody’s perfect. Read more [...]

Understanding anger

What’s Behind Your Anger? By AARON KARMIN  If you’re struggling with out-of-control anger, you may be wondering why your fuse is so short. Anger problems often stem from what you’ve learned as a child. If you watched others in your family scream, hit each other, or throw things, you might think this is how anger is supposed to be expressed. Traumatic events and high levels of stress can make you more susceptible to anger as well.In order to get your needs met and express your Read more [...]

Ending a relationship? Here’s your to-do list:

Have you ended a relationship recently and feel broken-hearted, lost, and even depressed? I don't blame you, it's one of the hardest experiences to go through! Have some compassion for yourself as you grieve. Counselling can be very helpful in getting through this difficult period. Here are some things to think about as you move forward in your life:Counselling helps you get through feelings of despair and disappointment in love Teaches effective communication, which is essential to a good Read more [...]

Life after affairs require compassion, patience, and healing

Sex After an Affair by Richard Nicastro, PhDDr Richard Nicastro, psychologist, relationship coach and creator of takes an in depth look at the impact of infidelity on post-affair sex.The emotional fallout from an affair is extensive, and the healing process can be a long and bumpy road. Couples committed to this healing journey should be mindful of what’s ahead for them as they try to rebuild their relationship. One of the most sensitive and painfully triggering Read more [...]

Why I love imago

I am so glad that Imago came into my life. I have grown tremendously as a therapist and as a wife. Personally, I practice what I have learned in how I show up in the world and in my marriage. Professionally, I teach my experience to couples and individuals, so that they too can feel confident, aware, and intentional. I'm just happier in general! I feel strongly that everyone should have to learn these tools in becoming an adult, as these are essential life skills. Relationships are such a big part Read more [...]

We are making choices all the time

<div align="center"> <h1 id="post-46501"><a title="Permanent Link: Best of Our Blogs: June 11, 2013" href="" rel="bookmark">Best of Our Blogs: June 11, 2013</a></h1> By <a href="" rel="author">BRANDI-ANN UYEMURA, M.A.</a> <em>Associate Editor</em></div> &nbsp; <div><img id="blogimg" alt="Best Read more [...]

Bring mindfulness into your life

Mindfulness Meditation Experiment with having mindfulness as part of your daily routine. Research shows that regular mindfulness leads to better overall health, mood regulation, and productivity. Here are some tips to help you get started:Mindfulness is the practice of awareness of the present moment with acceptance Take a stance of noticing, curiosity, & acceptance Generalizes to life: reflect, note challenges & how to overcome them Regular practice strengthens concentration & Read more [...]

Your daddy duty to your daughter

Dad's heartwarming letter to daughter about Mr May 09, 2013 7:41PMDr Kelly Flanagan's letter to his daughter on the importance of picking a man who truly loves her has received plenty of online love. Picture: ThinkstockWHEN daddy blogger and clinical psychologist Kelly Flanagan posted a letter to his young daughter about picking Mr Right, he was bowled over by the public response. Entitled A Daddy's Letter To His Little Girl (About Her Future Read more [...]

Married? How is your sex life?

Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for ThatJake Chessum for The New York TimesBy DANIEL BERGNER Published: May 22, 2013Linneah sat at a desk at the Center for Sexual Medicine at Sheppard Pratt in the suburbs of Baltimore and filled out a questionnaire. She read briskly, making swift checks beside her selected answers, and when she was finished, she handed the pages across the desk to Martina Miller, who gave her a round of pills.The pills were either a placebo or a new drug called Read more [...]

Imago Relationships: An Approach to Couples Therapy

What it is: Imago is Latin for Image focuses on a person’s unconscious internalized image of love, which comes from experiences with caretakers growing up. Imago therapy is based on the idea that your partner is your image of love and your healer. An individual is attracted to someone who meets those needs not fulfilled in childhood. Your partner provides healing and helps an individual to then experience growth.  We are born in relationship, wounded in relationship, and heal in relationship. Read more [...]

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