Bring mindfulness into your life

Mindfulness Meditation Experiment with having mindfulness as part of your daily routine. Research shows that regular mindfulness leads to better overall health, mood regulation, and productivity. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Mindfulness is the practice of awareness of the present moment with acceptance
  • Take a stance of noticing, curiosity, & acceptance
  • Generalizes to life: reflect, note challenges & how to overcome them
  • Regular practice strengthens concentration & attention, emotional regulation, and awareness
  • Practice time is anywhere from 5-40 minutes daily
  • One method: focus attention & concentration on the breath
  • Another quick option: 3 minute breathing space

Tips for Starting a Regular Formal Mindfulness Practice

  • Pick a specific time of day & place for your practice
  • Use a timer to set time & end practice
  • Make a commitment to yourself to practice
  • Find strategies to remind yourself of your practice
  • See what it feels like to practice even when you don’t feel like it

Focused Attention Meditation

  • Posture: straight spine, lifting up towards ceiling,
  • Sense of balance, grounded, alert, yet relaxed
  • Remain still
  • Eyes closed or eyelids soft, gaze down
  • Sit on ground or chair
  • Focus attention to breath, follow sensations of breath in your belly
  • When your mind wanders – notice, gently return attention to breath

3 Minute Breathing Space

  • Minute 1 – Awareness: noting what you are feeling
  • Minute 2 – Redirecting: bring attention to breath
  • Minute 3 – Expanding: expand awareness to whole body
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