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Assess your relationships

Imago Relationships Work has recently come up with 7 different short quizzes people can take to assess how they are doing in their relationships. It's worth taking a minute a seeing how you're doing, as it may bring some awareness to what you are doing well and what you may want to change. So, take a quiz, look at your results, and ask yourself what you're willing to change in how you show up in relationship. Here are two good ones to start with:  RELATIONSHIP QUIZ: Is your Family Healthy Read more [...]

Don’t we all want to Raise Caring, Courageous Kids?

The Greater Good Science Centre at UC Berkeley has created a series of videos for parents that provide research-based tools to help guide you in raising empathetic, kind, independent, and thriving children. Parenting can be a tough, humbling, and puzzling, and education tools can be really helpful. Please click below and be sure to watch the whole series!Read more [...]

Three Little Things to Help You Not Take Each Other for Granted

Here are 3 fabulous relationship tips to try at home with your partner, written by Rock Solid Relationship Solutions.  If you’ve experienced the feeling of being invisible to your partner, you’re not the only one.Early on, you likely spent time focusing on, strengthening, building, and supporting the growth of your relationship. But then that foundation was solidified as a marriage. And you turned to other things. Your career, the children, even self-care.Life can be a lot Read more [...]

Are You in a Relationship Dance?

Here's some good relationship reading by Kim Saft, PhD, LCSW, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist We all get caught in a dance with our partner, a power struggle, that leaves us feeling stuck and frustrated. Kim brings awareness to this dynamic and strategies on how we can all show up differently and become unstuck. She also discusses differentiation, an important concept for us all to understand, and look at how it plays a part in our relationships. Try to name the dance in your relationship, Read more [...]

How do I know if I have a healthy relationship?

Healthy relationships don't just happen, they are built and both partners must work on improving themselves first as well as the partnership. Here are 10 important characteristics of a healthy relationship:Time Together - The very definition of a relationship: "the way in which two people are connected." Go on dates, video chat, and make each other a priority with time. Time Apart - It's also healthy to have separate interests, friendships, and hobbies too. You'll both grow as individuals Read more [...]

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