An Valentine Love Letter to Yourself

Of 365 days of the year, Valentines Day is when Singles and Couples experience most acutely, The Great Divide. Since Lady Luck & Fate collude in determining which side of the Divide we happen to be hailing from on any given Valentines Day, it is only fitting that we see it for the trough it truly is. Thus, a love letter of sorts to those who stand on the solitary side.

We admire your discipline; in not just being in relationship for the sake of it.
We respect your courage in standing on your own two feet.
We watch in admiration what you accomplish and contribute to the world with all your time and energy.
We bow to your lead in the area of self-exploration and alone time.
We applaud your decision to do what feels right for you.

Instead of being divided, let’s celebrate our different ways of being in the world in connection and advocacy. After all, we are probably just taking different paths to the same things at the end of the day – in this case, Valentines Day. So, see yourselves with the insight, compassion, and perspective with which we Partnered People see you. Celebrate your Single Self today by writing an Imago love letter to yourself:

One thing I will savor about myself is….
How I will continue to be grateful in my life is…
Some things that are wonderful about me are…
What I can think of that will inspire me to keep my heart open and express my magnificence is…
When I step into my best self, others around me will feel…

None of us ever really know which side of the Divide we will wake up on. So, until our paths cross, we celebrate you!

Written by: Margot Sutcliffe, MA, CCC & Grace Mcdonald, MA, RMFT, RCC

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