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Parenting Principles: Connect with your kids

Parenting Principle of the Day

Children’s acting-out behaviour usually needs de-coding. It is often a protest against them feeling a loss of connection with their parents. Remember that everyone makes sense all of the time. A child may behave unkindly, which is not ok and needs boundaries, but underneath this behaviour is a need the parent needs to uncover and figure out. Usually when you think about the bigger picture, there are other things going on, like parents fighting a lot for example, that impact our kids to behave in big ways. Depending on their age and emotional developmental level, kids have trouble with being aware of their feelings, how to make sense of them, how to express them, and how to cope with them (and so do we!). As parents, our job is help teach our kids how to do all of these in a healthy and appropriate manner (no pressure). This skill-set is so important, and should be discussed and taught regularly throughout life, so that our kids can successfully manage their feelings. We, as parents, often struggle with it ourselves, depending on how much or little was role modelled to us by our parents. So, when everyone calms down and reflects on the current acting behavior of the day (sometimes of the hour), de-code what’s going on with your kid, sit down and talk with them. Build back up that loss of connection they are feeling and needing from you, with words, hugs, and love. You can never go wrong with spending quality time with your kids. ‪#‎imagoparent‬ ‪#‎consciousparenting‬ ‪#‎connectedparentsthrivingkids ‬‪#‎gracemcdonaldcounselling‬

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