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Parenting Principles: Instill competence in your kids

Parenting Principle of the Day

It is our goal, as parents, to nurture competence rather than compliance. We are teaching our kids how to be successful in the world in all areas of life. This means facilitating their development of self-esteem and confidence and giving our kids the message that they are capable. Point out and praise their strengths and talents. Support and believe in their decisions. Give them lots of opportunities to practice new skills, make mistakes, and learn how to recover and persevere. When our kids have a strong attachment with us, they feel secure. Security creates an independent individual with a strong sense of self, which is how we all want our kids to turn out! #‎imagoparent‬ ‪#‎consciousparenting‬ ‪#‎connectedparentsthrivingkids ‬‪#‎gracemcdonaldcounselling‬

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