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Best of Our BlogsThe mind is a powerful instrument. You can use it to focus on what’s not working on your life or teach it to zoom in on what’s right.It’s amazing what you can learn by spending time with both critical and positive people. The pessimist for example, will enter a room and gaze upon the one imperfection-the dirt lagging in a corner, the smudge on a glass frame or dust gathering on the floor. Another person walks into the same room and notices the gorgeous chandelier, the beautiful paint color or the craftsmanship of the wooden table. It’s all about perspective.How you choose to see your world depends not only on what’s in it, but how you see it.This week you’ll delve deeper into this topic whether it’s finding out the truth about your unconscious mind or learning how you can change a limiting thought into a more conscious one. Sometimes you have to work from the inside out to live a healthy and happy life. That may mean working on confronting the inner negative thoughts that say, “I can’t do this” or “I’m not creative/healthy/____ enough.” It may mean developing an awareness of your limitations and finding ways to work around them. However you choose to live your life, we hope you find ways to use our posts to develop helpful, healthy ways to enjoy it to the fullest. We Are Ruled By The Unconscious Mind(Mind Matters) – You may think you know the ins and outs of your world. But you’re only aware of a fraction of it. According to this, you have limited control over what you do, think and feel.4 Steps to a Shaping a Wiser Brain(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – How do you transform an unconscious limiting response into a more mindful one? To get to the place between awareness and thought, read these four questions to stimulate and train your mind to be more open, conscious and flexible.Self-Validation: What Do You Do?(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Managing your emotions is difficult and challenging without self-validation. Learn the critical steps to help you live with complex emotions and improve your relationships.Creativity and Mental Health(Channel N) – We all need inspiring role models to know that no matter what we’re going through, we can still find happiness, success and a so-called “normal” life. This must-see short video on artist Sandra Yuen MacKay shows us that creativity can be key to the recovery process.Fighting Inner Battles To Be More Creative(The Creative Mind) – The creative process is wrought with obstacles. How you respond to it can mean the difference between a completed product and a permanent creative block. To understand the fear involved, read this.

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